Funeral Services

The Islamic Association of Nova Scotia (IANS) provides burial services to its members, their families and other Muslims of the region. These services include washing of the body (ghusl), shroud (kafan), burial box, pre-burial prayers at the Dartmouth masjid, grave digging at the Islamic cemetery in Truro, Nova Scotia, burial of the body in the grave and remediation of grave site. Ongoing maintenance of the cemetery is also provided.

IANS does not transport the body of the deceased. Transportation must be arranged with a funeral home at the expense of the family or estate of the deceased. IANS may assist the family in arranging transportation through a funeral home.

IANS does not charge for its burial services. However, for each burial, the organization incurs out-of-pocket expenses as payments to outside agencies. Therefore, a one-time donation by the family of the deceased is requested to cover these costs.

To arrange for funeral services and burials, please fill out the Janazah Registration Form.

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Headstones for graves

Posted: May 23rd 2011

The IANS has worked with a local company to provide headstones for graves at the Truro cemetery. Pricing varies based on material cost.
20x10 in grey
24x12 in grey (see the picture for size)
HST and shipping is included in the price.
For more information, please contact DeMone Monuments.