Qur’an School Classes Registration 2024/2025 (Age 5 to 19)

Registraion closed for this year.

Class Preparation Requirements:

1. Students should use the bathroom at home and come to class with wudhu.
2. Students must take time to review their lessons at home and come prepared to present their lesson to the teacher.
3. Please make sure your child has their books needed for the class.
4. Children are asked to dress appropriately for a visit to the masjid. Parents should take care that clothing is modest and have no pictures, faces or offensive slogans on them. Head coverings are to be worn like hijab and/or a prayer hat (kufi).
5. If your child is unwell please keep them home.

Instruction for Parents/Guardian:

1. Please advise your children to enter the masjid and go immediately to their class area - tea-chers cannot leave other students and go looking for your child.
2. Parents must arrange for timely pick up from class, teachers will not be responsible for children outside of class time.
3. Parents can come on the first day and take teachers' numbers to contact the teacher at dismissal time to let them know they are waiting outside.
4. Please respect class time and do not contact the teacher before class ends unless necessary.
5. Parents may wait for children in other areas of the masjid during class time.
6. Punctuality is a must, students who are consistently late risk losing individual time with the teacher.
7. Students are expected to behave in an Islamic manner and obey all instructions from teachers and administration.
8. Any student who is in violation of disciplinary rules will be subjected to further actions including suspension and termination.
9. Drop-off and Pickup Policy: * Parents must drop their students inside the Masjid. Students should be escorted to the class by the parents and not dropped off in the parking lot. Parents must pick up students from inside the Masjid. Students will not be allowed to go outside without parent/guardian permissions.

Note: All public school holidays and snow days are No Class days for us. Children are tested at the end of the year and awarded prizes for high marks.

Disclaimers and Waivers:

The masjid (IANS) any organizer or teacher cannot be held liable in the event of any accidentor illness.

Registration Fee:

Tuition is $25 per child monthly. All fees collected go towards resources for the classes. Fees are to be paid at the beginning of every month and can be paid in advance. All books are provided at a cost but supplies are complimentary.


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