Welcome to Nova Scotia!

Below you will find important and useful contact information for various services available to newcomers. Whether you are immigrating, with a family or a student, there is something for everyone.

Please let us know if information is outdated or needs to be added.

Immigrant Services

    Immigrant Service Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) : 9024233607
    PEI Association of Newcomers to Canada : 9026286009

Family Services

    Family Service Support Association (Prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse and neglect) : 9024555515
    IWK Health Center : 9024707111

Health Services

    QE II Health Science Center : 9024734222
    Victoria General Hospital : 9024732110

ESL Schools

    Immigrant Service and Settlement Service (ISIS) : 9024233607
    Saint Mary`s University (TESL) : 9024205691
    International Language Institute : 9024293636

Employment & Business Services

    Center for Women in Business : 9024576449
    Employement Support Center : 9024241983
    Human Resources Development Canada : 9024265607

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