Marriage Services

The imam of the Islamic Association is authorized by the Halifax Regional Municipality to perform matrimonial services (nikah) for Muslims.

Information on the procedure for getting married (nikah)

Halifax Regional Municipality is empowered to issue marriage licenses. To apply for a marriage license the applicant(s) must be 19 years of age or older.

The following is the procedure for getting married:

  1. Visit one of the Halifax Regional Municipality Customer Service Center locations.
    • In Dartmouth -Alderney Gate, Mezzanine Level 40 Alderney Drive Dartmouth | Ph: 490-4275
    • Cole Harbour Place, 51 Forest Hills Parkway Cole Harbour, Dartmouth | Ph: 490-4522
    • In Halifax - West End Mall, 6960 Mumford Road Halifax | Ph: 490-6762
    • Scotia Square Mall, 5201 Duke Street Halifax Ph: 490-6398
  2. Appear in person, provide picture and signed identification and answer a series of questions to the clerk. An affidavit is then completed and the information is sworn by a Deputy Issuer of Marriage Licenses.
  3. In the case of an applicant having been previously married, documentation must be provided at the time of application including the original Certificate of Divorce or the Decree Absolute.
  4. Upon successful completion of the affidavit, there is a mandatory waiting period of five (5) days before the license may be purchased. When the waiting period has expired, the applicant returns to the location where application was made; and upon receipt of $115.91 Canadian funds the license will be issued.
  5. Contact the Imam of the Islamic Association and arrange a time, date and venue for nikah.
  6. To cover the nikah service, a donation of $150 is recommended. The payment can be made directly to the Imam or to the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia. A tax receipt will be issued.

For updated information on the Marriage Licensing rules visit

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates are issued by the Government of Nova Scotia. To obtain a certificate, please click here.

For further information please contact the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia.

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