Mission Statement

The Islamic Association of Nova Scotia (IANS), Canada is a registered, non-profit, volunteer organization that provides support and services to the Muslim community of Nova Scotia for its religious and social needs. The Association administers the masajid (mosques) in Dartmouth, Pictou County and Truro, Nova Scotia and maintains the Muslim cemetery in Truro.

Latest News

Eid Announcement

April 20, 2023

The Imam Council of Nova Scotia has annouced that Eid al Fitr will be on Friday, April 21st.

The Eid prayers will be held at the BMO Centre (Soccer Nova Scotia) at 210 Thomas Raddall drive. Please obey parking laws.

The Prayer will be at 9:00AM sharp, takbeer will start at 8:30 am Insha Allah 

People coming to Eid prayers are requested to observe the following:

·     Bring a prayer mat, and a bag for shoes.

·     Perform wudu (ablution) at home.

·     Obey the car parking rules.

Absolutely no candies, or food is allowed by the venue.

Quran Tafseer & Classes for Kids Resuming

October 01, 2021

Quran classes for children age 6 and above have started. Classes are Monday to Thursday (4 days)

Every Friday after Salatul Isha we have Quran Tafseer Halaqah for both Men and Women.

Become an IANS Member!

Wednesday January 22, 2020

Membership in the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia is open to any Muslim residing in Nova Scotia. The Islamic Association relies on the annual membership fee and donations to help provide services. These include operations and maintenance of the masajid in Dartmouth (including imam’s salary), Truro and Pictou County. It also arranges Eid prayers, provides kitchen/dining hall facility for functions, arranges funeral services and maintains the cemetery in Truro.

To join the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia, please download the application form. Kindly complete the form and send it to the Islamic Association with the fee and any donations. Thank you.

Monthly Potlucks

First Saturday of every month.

Please join us for the monthly potluck, held at the Dartmouth Mosque - 42 Leaman Drive.

The potluck begins after Maghrib prayers.

iqama 5:00
iqama 1:45
iqama 6:45
iqama Sunset
iqama 10:30
Juma 1:30pm

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