Mission Statement

The Islamic Association of Nova Scotia (IANS), Canada, is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides support and services to the Muslim community of Nova Scotia for its religious and social needs. The Association administers the mosques in Dartmouth and Truro, Nova Scotia and maintains the Muslim cemetery in Truro.

Latest News

New Organ & Tissue Donation Act in Nova Scotia

January 19, 2021

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear Brothers/Sisters, Assalamo alaikum.

The new Nova Scotia Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act became law on 18, January 2021. If you don't register your donation decision and you are eligible, you will be seen as having consented to organ and tissue donation after death. This is called ‘deemed consent’ under the new Act.

If you don’t want to donate your organs and tissues, you MUST opt out. You can opt out by completing an application using the following link: https://beta.novascotia.ca/request-opt-out-organ-and-tissue-donation

COVID-19 Update - Masjid Attendance Limits

January 11, 2021

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

The current provincial COVID-19 pandemic regulations permit indoor faith gatherings to a maximum of 100 people. Therefore, only up to 100 people will be allowed at any one time to attend activities in the Dartmouth masjid such as juma prayers and tafseer sessions. The entry will be on a first come basis. Once the number of attendees reaches 100, the masjid door will be closed.

To help manage the total number of people, it is requested that young children not be brought to the masjid for now. Physical distancing and face masks remain in place while in the masjid.

Physical distancing and face masks must be used while in the masjid.

Jazak Allah Khair for your understanding.

Islamic Association of Nova Scotia
11, January 2021

Build Antigonish Mosque

January 8, 2021

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise.” [Bukhari]

We ask our brothers and sisters to support and make a contribution towards the establishment of the new Islamic Centre in Antigonish that will be a landmark for faith practice, enlightenment, education, and moral guidance.

Please donate here:

Appeal for Donations

April 12, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalam-u-Alaikum, Given the current unprecedented situation with COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with the orders of provincial government regarding avoiding congregations, the three Masajid (mosques) in Dartmouth, Truro and Pictou County administered by Islamic Association of Nova Scotia remain closed.

The only source of income for the Islamic Association is donations by the Muslim community members. The closure of the Masajid has lead to a significant decrease in revenue, especially given that no donations can be collected at Jumuah prayers. The expenses of maintaining the Masajid and running the operations of the organization continue.

We strongly encourage everyone to make donations to the Islamic Association to help cover these ongoing costs. Donations can be made by Interac email transfer to: donate@islamnovascotia.ca

Credit card payments can be made on-line at: www.islamnovascotia.ca

Cheques can also be mailed to the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia.

Tax deductible receipts will be issued for donations. Download the form here.

Jazak Allah Khair for your support,
Islamic Association of Nova Scotia

Become an IANS Member!

Wednesday January 22, 2020

Membership in the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia is open to any Muslim residing in Nova Scotia. The Islamic Association relies on the annual membership fee and donations to help provide services. These include operations and maintenance of the masajid in Dartmouth (including imam’s salary), Truro and Pictou County. It also arranges Eid prayers, provides kitchen/dining hall facility for functions, arranges funeral services and maintains the cemetery in Truro.

To join the Islamic Association of Nova Scotia, please download the application form. Kindly complete the form and send it to the Islamic Association with the fee and any donations. Thank you.

Monthly Potlucks

First Saturday of every month.

Please join us for the monthly potluck, held at the Dartmouth Mosque - 42 Leaman Drive.

The potluck begins after Maghrib prayers.

iqama 6:15
iqama 1:45
iqama 6:15
iqama Sunset
iqama 9:31
Juma 1:30pm

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